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George Hayden

George Hayden

George Hayden is a Njaki Njaki Noongar man, from Merredin in the Eastern Wheatbelt. George has been employed by numerous Government Agencies over his career, working closely with the Aboriginal Communities of the South West. He has spent a lot of his career working to break down barriers between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people by sharing his Cultural knowledge. He is currently employed as the Cultural Consultant through the School of Psychology & Speech Pathology at Curtin with the Building Mental Health and Well Being Grant. His role here was assisting the Research Fellows make that vital community contact with the Indigenous community. I have successfully completed my Associate Degree in Indigenous Community Health at CAS.

In addition to his own work and study, George shared his cultural knowledge and experience in the following projects:

Aboriginal Perspective on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

ADHD in metropolitan Western Australian Aboriginal children

Development of an effective bi-cultural collaborative working partnership between an Indigenous Women's Cancer Support Network and mainstream cancer and palliative care services: An emerging framework for a best practice Aboriginal-mainstream partnership model.