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Dr Neilson Martin

Dr Neilson Martin

Neilson is an Associate Senior Research Fellow here and Senior Information Analyst at the North Metropolitan Mental Health Service. He has had a varied career history which began with a dual honours degree in genetics and microbiology. From there a PhD in behavioural genetics and psychological medicine with a study on ADHD and comorbid disorders in twins. Next came a post-doc in bioinformatics at Oxford. After a year out of academia to, 'get a real job and decide what he wants to be when he grows up' Neilson then moved to Australia where he continues to be active in research.

The main focus of Neilson's research has been ADHD and comorbid disorders. He has written numerous publications and presentations on this subject and now brings his expertise to Indigenous health. He is experienced in many complex statistical techniques in addition to the development of online databases, web-based data collection and websites including this one.


ADHD in metropolitan Western Australian Aboriginal children