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Building Mental Wealth Building Mental Wealth
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Dr Megan McDougall

Megan McDougall

Megan McDougall was the Project Coordinator for the Building Mental Wealth Capacity Grant and is based in the School of Psychology at Curtin University of Technology. She has completed both a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology and a PhD in the same field. Megan has spent the last several years coordinating projects associated with ADHD in twin populations, including one study that has collected information on over 5,000 twin pairs and their families. She also has experience in writing grant and ethics applications, managing large databases, and both quantitative and qualitative methodological approaches. Megan's own research has focused on the relationships and family functioning of twins discordant for ADHD. Her research in this area has further led to being involved in the production of a chapter for the new National ADHD Guidelines.

In addition to her role as Project Coordinator, Megan is also currently working in the area of Child and Adolescent Mental Health as a Clinical Psychologist.