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Building Mental Wealth Building Mental Wealth
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Michelle Webb

If you're kaarty and you know it clap your hands

I will be exploring the resilience and strengths of young Indigenous adults in terms of their conceptualizations and understanding of mental health and well being and the relationship between identity, living out of country and 'good mental health'. By drawing on the existing strengths within families and individuals, I will explore some of the skills and strengths used by some members of the community to 'stay mentally well' despite internal and external pressures and attitudes.

Exploring ideas of how and why some families maintain 'good' mental health will build capacity in forming better models of how Aboriginal young people conceptualise mental health which will identify strengths that can be built on to support mental health resilience within families and communities. This will also support the development of culturally appropriate prevention and intervention programs.

Although I have identified several key areas such as:

I will be using a variety of methodological approaches including ITR and Action Research models to provide a culturally safe space for young Indigenous people to inform and direct the qualitative aspects of the research. It is hoped that this research project will identify areas of strength that facilitate stronger mental health in young people which can be broadly applied to the wider mental health discourse.